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We have recently changed our brand from InsuranceWala to Medrates to better define how we can help you.

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Our Firm

At MedRates, we are deeply committed to helping our clients protect what matters most – their families, their health, and their financial security. Those we serve come to us with a variety of needs, objectives, and backgrounds. So our first priority is to understand your unique situation and get to know you personally. Next, we share our recommendations and solutions, all based on seasoned industry insight and designed to help achieve your goals.

Since we are an independent firm, we are able to offer the most competitive insurance, financial, and investment products across the marketplace. We can search far and wide for the solutions that will meet your individual needs and give you the greatest advantages – at the best rates we can find.

This extraordinary client support is possible through the collective expertise of our people, by far our greatest asset. Read more about our amazing team members below, and you’ll see the wealth of experience we have to offer you.

Why Work With us?

Life and Health insurance industry is not like the travel industry. There are no discounts when you go to the insurance company directly. The rates you pay with us is the same as if you went directly to the insurance company. But when you go direct to the company, you are not going to get unbiased advice based on your needs. You will get recommendations based on that insurance company’s product offerings.

Let’s face it! We all have one on one relation with your doctor, your dentist, your accountant and sometimes even a mechanic. Someone we know that knows us that we can rely on to give us reliable advice and service and doesn’t make us feel like a number. Wouldn’t it make sense to have the same quality relationship with your insurance broker and financial advisor?

Rajesh Jyotishi joined the insurance and financial services industry in 1991 with New York Life. He soon realized, however, that in order to provide his clientele with the most competitive products on the market, he would have to represent more than one provider. 

Driven by this conviction, he started his own practice as a sole proprietor within two short years and then formed Shalin Financial Services the following year in 1994. The firm was named after his eldest son, and Shalin means “modest or humble.”

Rajesh Jyotishi, President and CEO

Rajesh’s fundamental objective for the firm is to provide clients with a competitive range of insurance and investment products so he can best meet their needs. Over the past two decades, Shalin Financial grew to help thousands of individuals and businesses with insurance, investment services, and financial planning, all while staying firmly rooted in this foundational principle.

In addition to his role at Shalin Financial, Rajesh was also the founder and President/CEO of Khabar magazine, a popular magazine for the Asian-Indian community of Georgia with a readership of about 97,000. “Khabar” means “news” in most of the many Indian dialects. 

The digital edition can be found at www.khabar.com. Rajesh also hosts the “Moneywise” section of Khabar, which has been widely received. Rajesh and Pari sold their shares of Khabar magazine to their existing business partners in 2013 and are no longer part of the management of the company.

Rajesh has been a constant learner his entire life. He has listened to over a 1500 audio books on all areas of life including, business, motivation, spirituality and of course financial services. 

He has also completed numerous professional designation courses in the industry such as Certified Estate Planner (CEP), Master Certified Estate Planner (MCEP), Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC), and Life Underwriter’s Training Council (LUTC). In addition, he finished the Financial Planning program at Oglethorpe University. 

Most recently, Rajesh got his Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP) designation. We still do not offer Medicaid planning services, but he wanted to have the necessary knowledge to guide people when necessary.

Carpe Diem Album Cover
Carpe Diem by
Rajesh Jyotishi

However, he does not currently hold any of the designations mentioned above for many personal reasons. Ask him why when you talk to him. While you’re at it, inquire as to why “Experience Makes the Difference” is our company tagline.

The Money Talk Book Cover
The Money Talk is available on Amazon in Print, Kindle & Audio.

Another interesting fact about Rajesh is that he is also a musician and a singer/songwriter. He recently recorded his own CD with songs that he had written through the years as part of a bucket list goal. 

You can hear his music on his music website at www.RJ-Music.com. The CD is also available on iTunes, Amazon, and all of the other online retailers.

Most recently, to commemorate his 25 years in the financial services, he wrote a book called "The Money Talk – Retirement & Estate Planning for Indian Americans." This is one of the first book on the subject that speaks to the Indian American mindset. The Money Talk is available on amazon and other online retailers in print, kindle and audio formats. The intention was just to share the knowledge with the community and that is why Rajesh has kept the Kindle version of The Money Talk on Amazon for just 99 cents. Of course, you can download a FREE a copy right here. If you do read the Money Talk, we would appreciate you leaving us a review on amazon. It will encourage more people to read the book.

Rajesh Jyotishi is a Registered Representative and offers securities thru Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC. Member FINRA, SIPC. Advisory services thru Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC.  He currently holds a Series 7 and Series 65 and is securities licensed in the states of GA, MI and SC.  He is also insurance licensed in the states of GA, SC, TN, AL, FL and MI.  

You can view Rajesh's broker history here.

Pari Jyotishi

Pari Headshot InuranceWala

Pari is married to Rajesh since 1991, joined Shalin Financial in 2013 to assist him in serving their clients. Prior to that, she was helping him manage Khabar Magazine. Originally from Ahmedabad, India, Pari has a B.S. in economics and psychology and an M.S. in law. Pari also has a “Blackbelt in Shopping” given to her by Rajesh for the amazing bargains she can find.

Pari is our resident Medicare plan expert.  She is appointed with most of the Medicare plans in Georgia and is totally committed to helping our clients find the best Medicare plans in the market.

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