Investing & Retirement

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Not everyone is cut out for the volatility of the stock market!  

And that is why many people have opted to keep their savings in low interest bearing bank accounts which we can understand completely.

The problem with this strategy is that as time moves on, inflation and taxes will erode the purchasing power of your savings.

At MedRates, we offer a whole suite of wealth management products to help you grow your money a little more safely. Of course, there is some risk in all things, but we will show you things that offer a guarantee and things that do not offer a guarantee but can offer  downside market protection.

And we are not talking about just life insurance and annuities!

In some cases, life insurance and annuities make sense for the right people and circumstances but there are also many other products that are available that can give investors reasonable returns with greater downside protection.  

Some of the products that can accomplish this are:

Our wealth management partners can also help build a custom portfolio and are happy to meet with you on a quarterly basis to keep you informed and on track.

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Health Insurance

Cover yourself and your loved ones with the right Health Insurance plan.
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Life Insurance

Make sure you have the right plan in place for your family.
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Get coverage in the event of an unexpected injury.
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The Medicare system seems very confusing but we make it easy.
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Long Term Care

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Travel Insurance

The secret to worry-free travel is a good Travel Insurance policy.
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Employee Benefits

Take care of your employees and your wallet with the right benefit package.
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Investing & Retirement

Help your money work for you and prepare for your retirement years.
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