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Whether you are expecting guests from outside of the United States, or if you are planning to travel abroad yourself, some additional insurance coverage is highly recommended to protect against certain risks while away from home. MedRates has the expertise to help you find options in either category that will best meet your needs.

If family or friends are planning to visit you, we encourage you to obtain a special health insurance plan uniquely designed for foreign visitors. Without these policies, should a health issue or an accidental medical emergency should arise, the healthcare in this country can be very expensive. Protect your guests with a comprehensive visitor health plan.

If you are planning a trip outside of the country (whether or not you are a U.S. citizen), travel insurance is always a great idea. We can help you first determine what your needs are based on the type of travel (business, study abroad, high adventure travel, relaxing vacation, etc.), length of your time out of the country, individual vs. group policy, desired benefits, and budget. By narrowing down your requirements for coverage in this way, we can help get you the most affordable and effective policy, without paying for extras that you don’t need. You should be focused on getting the most out of your travel, not worrying about whether or not you’re covered. Let MedRates take care of your travel insurance needs.

There are numerous options in the marketplace for visitor health plans and travel insurance, and we work with a variety of providers to get you the best possible policy.

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